We are planning a programme of continuous professional development sessions for 2018. CPD sessions are a good opportunity to continue your learning and pick up new tips and tricks, but they’re also a good opportunity to connect with other coaches outside of your clubs. For our county coaches at L2 or above, you also have a requirement to complete a certain number of CPD points every three years to keep your qualification.
We are aiming to run one event roughly every month. Most events will be free and will be run by one of our more experienced coaches in the county, but we will also be bringing in some external specialist speakers, and those sessions may require a contribution to the costs.

CPD Programme for Spring/Summer 2018

Designing effective novice coaching programs
Date: Monday 23rd April, 7-9pm
Location: Wallingford Sports Park
Led by: Marc Tamlyn
Lifestyle & planning, Attitudes & Behaviours for performance, Coaching Culture & Focus
Date: Monday 14th May, 7-10pm
Location: Wallingford Sports Park
Led by: Steve Nicolson, Senior Coach
How to set up a bow
Date: Monday 11th June, 7-9pm
Location: Wallingford Sports Park
Led by: Marc Tamlyn & Nat Merry

Future Workshops

If you are an Oxfordshire coach and would like to attend any of these workshops, please use our contact form to book a space (choosing “Coach CPD” as the subject).
We have a number of other ideas for future CPD sessions including:
  • Running an effective junior club
  • Coaching compound archers
  • Recurve bow set up and tuning
  • Planning linked sessions
  • Skills & drills